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Please fill in your information in the fields below. Your name and personal contact details will not appear on the public section of the site, but will be made available to other Members subject to your approval. If you want to change your information at any time all you need to do is e-mail or phone me. Once I've received your information, your organisation will automatically become a Member of the Network and you will be able to access the Members section of the site subject to Login and Password set-up. Membership and all its benefits are free!
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Energy Efficiency Measures
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Biomass Heating
Other Renewables
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Rainwater collection
Other Water Saving Measures
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Composting toilets
Reed Bed Filtration System
Other Forms of Off-Mains Sewage Treatment
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Composting Organic Waste
Low carbon transport (bio-fuels etc)
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Zero-carbon transport (bicycles, electric cars etc)
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Organic vegetable/fruit growing
Organic meat farming/production
Organic dairy farming/production
Organic animal husbandry
Organic arable farming/production
Sourcing local organic food products
Sustainable Building Design
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Low Impact Structures (yurts, cabins etc)
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Wildlife Conservation
Habitat Conservation/Creation
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